Are book trailers effective?

As an avid fan of romance genre, I’ve noticed that some authors do book trailers to promote their books. I wouldn’t simply grab a book to read because of a book trailer. It doesn’t leave any good impact on me. Instead it gives me spoilers because it features quotes from the book. Here is an example of a book trailer.

Good thing I watched trailer of ‘The Proposition’ by Katie Ashley after reading the book. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the book. In general, I avoid book trailers.

Do book trailers really pique interest and increase sales? What do you think?

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I’m not much of a marketer, but here’s my amateurish opinion on whether or not book trailers are effective.

Really, a book trailer is nothing but a glorified commercial. I don’t know about you, but do you know what I do when a commercial comes on my television? I press the fast-forward button. Thank God for DVR.

Not that a movie trailer is any different. It’s all about branding and sales and visibility. A good movie trailer can make the crappiest Van Damme film seem like a sure-fire Academy Award winner.

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