‘Keep Books on the High Street’ campaign

Whilst looking for ideas to create a poster for SS Readers Corner, I stumbled upon this campaign poster.

'Keep Books on the High Street' campaign flyer

‘Keep Books on the High Street’ campaign flyer

‘Keep Books on the High Street’ is a campaign to emphasise the importance of independent bookshops to UK high streets (the prime location for businesses in every UK town). As quoted by The Booksellers Association (the campaign organiser),

“bookshops promote literacy and culture; build community character; contribute to the distinct flavour of a neighbourhood and help create local economies.”

Another goal of the campaign is to urge people to choose physical bookshops over Amazon. The former pay full taxes while the latter pays minimal tax despite making too much profit.

Anyway I really like the campaign poster because it is:

  • colourful without causing eyesore
  • simple – every point is explained in bullet points
  • readable – the use of arrows, bullet points and clear font
  • factual – it points out the impact of buying from independent stores

I agree whole-heartedly with the points mentioned in the flyer. If I had to choose one favourite point, it would have to be point #2 ‘You embraced what makes us unique’. Most customers at independent bookshop receive personalised service unlike retail book store chains. A great shopkeeper remembers his/her customers’ book preferences and recommends appropriate books. One might argue that online bookshops also give ‘personalised’ recommendations. I disagree because using sales algorithms is cheating!

In summary, kudos to BA for carrying out this initiative. I wish Malaysian authorities would follow suit so small and medium enterprises can thrive against big competitors.




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