The Guardian readers vote for 51st BookBench

Almost two weeks ago, I wrote about Books About Town’s BookBenches project. In summary, the project is a celebration of London’s literary heritage and enjoyment of reading. Fifty books that highlight London’s best were chosen and painted onto book-shaped benches. These BookBenches are placed all over London city.

Some people were surprised that certain London fictions were omitted from the project. Many believed that ‘Harry Potter’ by J.K. Rowling was snubbed.

The Guardian has graciously asked readers to nominate and vote for their favourite book that was not selected for the project. The winning vote will be honoured on an extra bench, number 51. Votes were cast and congratulations to Neil Gaiman! The 51st BookBench will feature artwork inspired by ‘Neverwhere’.

The bench will make its appearance at the end of August. Details of the artist will be revealed soon.

ps: SS Readers Corner has 2 copies of ‘Neverwhere’. I am borrowing a copy and looking forward to experience a London adventure. Have you read the book? If ‘yes’, then ‘Like’ this post.

Our copies of ‘Neverwhere’ has this cover design.


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