Follow LitChat Twitter conversation with Susan Spann

Litchat organises live Twitter conversations with authors every Wednesday. The one-hour session starts at 4 pm Eastern Time USA (4 am the following day for those in Malaysia).

On 23rd of July 2014, Susan Spann will talk about her new book ‘Blade of the Samurai’, released on 15th of July 2014 in USA. The book is part of the Shinobi Mysteries series, which features a ninja detective named Hiro Hattori and his Portuguese Jesuit sidekick, Father Mateo.

‘Blade of the Samurai’ by Susan Spann

There are two ways to follow the conversation:

  1. Type #litchat at Twitter search box
  2. Visit Litchat dedicated channel at (recommended for those who prefer to read tweets in order)

Have a great time.

ps: If you are a fan of true historical ninja (aka, “shinobi”), check out Ms Spann’s interview with Lorna Suzuki. Ms Suzuki is an author (known for the Imago Chronicles series) and martial arts practitioner/instructor.


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