Bookish gifts for Book Lovers

I was going through my Twitter feed when I stumbled upon this fascinating tweet.

The list contains wonderful gift ideas for book lovers. My birthday falls between 23rd of July and 22nd of August (I’m a Leo) ūüôā so I was very motivated to search for more gift ideas over the weekend. In no particular order, here is my wishlist of book-ish birthday gifts.

Clever, don’t you think?

  • A Clockwork Orange tote – cost US$22 at Society6.

Must have a merchandise with that iconic eye symbol

  • Harry Potter Maurader’s Map fleece throw blanket –¬†sold at US$54.95 at Harry Potter Shop

I can imagine taking this blanket to workshops and sharing it with fellow participants

  • Frostbeard Booklover‚Äôs Scented Soy Candles –¬†US$15 for each candle at Frostbeard Studio

There are at least 20 scents and I want ALL of them!

  • Novel-Tea Paul Cardew Teapot – cost US$48.00

I shall make Twinings Lady Grey (my favourite) in this tea pot

I thought of having a book-shaped cake but cutting it would be too traumatising for me (I don’t want to spoil the beautiful art plus do I cut in squares or triangles?). We shall have cupcakes instead!

Little book cupcakes

What do you think of my gift ideas? Do you have any quirky or unique gift ideas for a bookworm? Share them with me in the comment box below.

If you need any inspiration, below are some links (in addition to the aforementioned links) where I did my window shopping. Thank you Google search & Pinterest for the list.


5 thoughts on “Bookish gifts for Book Lovers

  1. The giraffe bookend and the other bookends are class, I must get them as my next gift. I have two ‘books’ which are in gorgeous gift boxes, they are most unusual but I think would make a thoughtful gift. I wrote a blog on both of them one is below. I don’t think it did the beauty of the box and illustrations justice though. They were cheap too!

  2. Wow, a beautiful picture book. I’ve actually never seen a picture book for adults. I’d love to see the story.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  4. This is totally me at my birthday and Christmas! I only ask for book related things! I love the candles, who ever thought of capturing the smell of books, and libraries, and other book-y places is a genius!

  5. Thanks for the comment. I agree on the candles: some are weird scents but I’m curious nonetheless.

    If you come across any of your favourite bookish gift ideas, share them with me!

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