Hashtag #bookadayuk: Let’s talk about books everyday

Hashtag #bookadayuk was inspired by a US American initiative to support independent record shops. Each month, record lovers are encouraged to post about their favourite records based on a certain category. The Borough Press modified this idea to target book lovers all over the world. As a result, hashtag #bookadayuk was launched in June, the same month as the Independent Booksellers Week.

The premise is simple: each day one new topic of discussion will be released. Book lovers are asked to share their views through social media and include the hashtag #bookadayuk.

It seems that different book-loving organisations host this hashtag campaign via Twitter every month. The Borough Press was the first host in June and then Double Day UK took over the responsibility in July.

Siobhan Dowd Trust is hosting the hashtag this month. Topics of discussion for August 2014 are displayed below.

Daily #bookadayuk topics for August 2014

Join in the fun through your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, InstagramPinterest and blog account(s). Don’t forget to include hashtag #bookadayuk when you post. Check out our entries on our Twitter timeline on the right side of your screen. Feel free to share your entries in the comment box below.


2 thoughts on “Hashtag #bookadayuk: Let’s talk about books everyday

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