New Arrivals – 30/08/2014

Dear Customers,

Sorry for the lack of updates on newly arrived books this month. I was only able to visit the store a few days ago.

Here is a list of new arrivals at SS Readers Corner:

Title Author Genre
Dark Lycan Christine Feehan Paranormal romance
Hotshot Julie Garwood Romantic suspense
Possession J.R. Ward Paranormal romance
The Valley of Amazement Amy Tan Historical fiction
How the Scoundrel Seduces Sabrina Jeffries Historical romance
Doctor Sleep Stephen King Horror
Tuesdays with Morrie Mitch Albom Non-fiction
Natchez Burning Greg Iles Thriller
Vixen in Velvet Loretta Chase Historical romance
Unbreakable Stephanie Tyler Romantic suspense
The Kill Order James Dashner Young adult
The Scorch Trials James Dashner Young adult
The Maze Runner James Dashner Young adult

Most of the books are on rent so I couldn’t take photos of the book except for the ones below. If you would like to rent any of the new books, please contact Mr Sam for their availability.

Have a good weekend!

James Dashner: The Kill Order (the prequel), The Scorch Trials (#2) & The Death Cure (#3)

James Dashner: The Kill Order (the prequel), The Scorch Trials (#2) & The Death Cure (#3)


2 thoughts on “New Arrivals – 30/08/2014

  1. I think your store is one of the few bookstores that actually rent books out to people. Are there more other stores that rents books as well in Malaysia? By the way I accidentally removed your comment just now. I’m still getting used to WordPress app. My apologies. 😀

  2. Hi. I am aware of a few book rental shops in KL & Selangor area but am not sure if those exist in other states. I don’t actually work for SS Readers Corner; I help the store by managing its social media accounts (Facebook page & Twitter). I’ve also created & updated this blog and am enjoying this a lot.
    No problem about WordPress. You might want to check ‘Comments’ section (look for ‘Trash’) if you want to save a deleted comment. WordPress is easy for simple blogging. Just look for YouTube tutorials if you are unsure of the steps. Good luck!

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