Hashtag #bookadayuk continues in September

Ever since I discovered hashtag #bookadayuk last month, I have been tweeting my answers to the book chat. It is so fun but challenging at times. Often I refer to ‘My Books’ section at Goodreads to find a suitable book to throw into the discussion. I usually post using @ssreaderscorner but when I have 2 book suggestions, I will use my personal Twitter @emberzmars. My proudest moment was when I was the earliest to answer ‘The Best Young Adult book’ tweet on 19th of August 2014.

I am delighted to say that hashtag #bookadayuk will be continued in September. This time, it will be hosted by We Love Books on Twitter (refer to image).

Hashtag #bookadayuk: Topics for September 2014

Hashtag #bookadayuk: Topics for September 2014

1st: Favourite book about books and/or bookshops

2nd: Favourite book set in a school (Back to School

)3rd: Best Home Front novel (declaration of WW3)

4th: The book you bought for the cover

5th: The book you bought despite the cover

6th: Favourite book of short stories

7th: Favourite fictional monarch (Elizabeth 1st birthday)

8th: Favourite literary dinner party

9th: Literary crush

10th: A book that gave you hope

11th: Best book recommended by a librarian

12th: Favourite Austen character (Austen Festival)

13th: Favourite Roald Dahl character (Roald Dahl Day)

14th: Character most like you

15th: Favourite Agatha Christie story (Christie’s birthday)

16th: Favourite picture book

17th: Favourite literary detective/policeperson

18th: Favourite coming-of-age book

19th: Favourite seafaring novel (Talk Like a Pirate Day)

20th: Favourite literary friendship

21st: A book to turn someone into a reader (International Literacy Day)

22nd: Best book recommended by a bookseller (Bookseller’s Association conference)

23rd: Favourite prize-winning book

24th: Something to do with Gatsby/Fitzgerald/20s (F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday)

25th: A book recommended by your parents

26th: Favourite poetry collection (TS Eliot’s birthday)

27th: Book set in your favourite country to visit (World Tourism Day)

28th: Favourite literary troublemaker

29th: The book that made you question everything

30th: The best book you read this month


To join in the fun, include hashtag #bookadayuk when you tweet your answer to @welovethisbook. Check out our entries on SS Readers Corner’s Twitter timeline on the right side of your screen. For today’s chat, our pick for ‘Favourite book about books and/or bookshop’ is ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky. Charlie was given a list of books to read by his English teacher named Bill. I like the list and have added a few books to my own ‘To Be Read’ list.

What is your choice for ‘Favourite book about books and/or bookshop’? Feel free to share your entries in the comment box below or chat with us via Twitter.


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