How well do you know book genres?

As an avid romance reader, I know the sub-genres that I like and those that I don’t quite enjoy. However I don’t know much about other genres until I discovered Tess Gerritsen’s books months ago. Wow there is such thing as medical thriller?!

I did some online research to find out more about book sub-genres and found this genre map. This map does not only benefit authors and readers, it helps booksellers and libraries with book cataloguing task.

Doesn’t this book genre map remind you of periodic table?

Most blogs that posted this genre map credited it to Book Country. When I went to the website, I found an updated version of the genre map. The map is more interactive and features new book genres such as new adult, young adult and non-fiction. The map also recommends books based on the genre/sub-genre that you choose. Click on this link to view the cool map.

What do you think of the genre maps? Share your views in the comment box below.

2 thoughts on “How well do you know book genres?

  1. Thanks for providing the link to the genre map. It’s brilliant. I’m going to do some exploring!

  2. No worries. 😀
    What are your favourite sub-genres?

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