Challenge your reading: #2 Do a Book Bingo

Have you ever felt dull after reading books in the same genre or with similar themes? If you would like to challenge your reading, then do one of these book bingos! They are also considered as a great tool to cultivate reading habit in reluctant readers.

A book bingo is like a normal bingo but the numbers are replaced by book categories. There are several ways of playing a book bingo:

  • Choose to go after a particular Bingo row and pick the books that fit the categories, OR
  • Use a book bingo as a guide and complete all or most categories, OR
  • Do a book bingo competition amongst friends or in your book community and award a prize to the Bingo winner

There are many types of book bingos available in the world wide web. Here are my favourites:

Reading Bingo Challenge by Retreat by Random House

Kelley’s Book Bingo Challenge 2014

Book bingo by Library Thing

Book bingo by Richmond Public Library

  • Super Teacher Worksheets – click here to view PDF copy of Book Bingo

You could use Goodreads and Genre Map to help you with book suggestions. If you are afraid being disappointed by a book/new author/different genre, don’t waste your money on new books. Borrow or rent a book instead! 🙂

Have you attempted or completed a book bingo before? What is the most enjoyable thing about book bingo? Share your views below.


3 thoughts on “Challenge your reading: #2 Do a Book Bingo

  1. I love this idea!!

  2. I’d like to try it too. 😀

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