Bailey’s Women Prize for Fiction hosts hashtag #bookadayuk this December

#bookadayuk is a Twitter campaign to encourage tweets about books. There is a different topic of discussion every day.

This month, the hashtag will be hosted by Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction. Check out the topics below! If you would like to tweet your book suggestions, don’t forget to include hashtag #bookadayuk and @BaileysPrize.

#Bookadayuk topics for the month of December

1st: The book you began your year with

2nd: The book you tell everyone about

3rd: Favourite classic by a female author

4th: The book you re-read at least once a year

5th: The best-looking book on your shelf

6th: Your favourite female author

7th: The female author you’d most like to meet

8th: The book you’d choose if you could only read one again

9th: The book you’ve been meaning to read for awhile

10th: The book you’d give your best friend

11th: The book that makes you cry

12th: The book your mum passed on to you

13th: The book with the best advice

14th: Favourite winner from the Bailey’s Prize

15th: Your favourite book with ambiguous ending

16th: Which @SpinelessClass you’d most like in your stocking


17th: The bookshop you’ll be buying your Christmas presents from

18th: The literary character you’d most like to kiss under the mistletoe

19th: The book that gets you in the festive spirit

20th: Your favourite Christmas film that was adapted from a book

21st: Your favourite fictional family

22nd: Favourite festive character

23rd: The book you’ll be giving for Christmas

24th: The book that you want for Christmas

25th: The literary house that you’d most like to spend Christmas at

26th: The best book you got for Christmas

27th: The biggest book on your bookshelf

28th: The 3 authors you’d invite to your ultimate literary dinner party

29th: The book you’re ending the year with

30th: The first book you’ll be reading in 2015

31st: The character you’d most like to be with at midnight

I posted this quite late so today is the 10th topic. I would give a Hello Kitty version of World Atlas to my best friend because both of us enjoy travelling. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, the content is really educational regardless of the age of readers.

What book would you give your best friend? Share your book suggestions in the comment box below. 🙂

This World Atlas was a bargain at RM10

This World Atlas was a bargain at RM10



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