Frequently Asked Questions


Anyone knows about a book rental shop in Subang parade? I used to go there years ago. I remember it is in a corner of the shopping mall, near esquire kitchen. You actually need to walk out of the mall to enter the shop. I forgot what is the name. Is it still there now? (Source = Lowyat.Net forum)

The book rental shop is still located in Subang Jaya. We moved from Subang Parade to SS15 in 2008. Our current location has a bigger space. Therefore we have more books for our customers. Check the ‘Contact Us‘ page to get details of the exact location.


What are the benefits of renting/borrowing books? (more points will be added from time to time)

1. Saves money

2. Access to old and rare books

3. Saves shelf space

4. Try out new author/genre

5. Increase the amount of reading

6. Improve English proficiency

7. Avoid buying books you don’t read


Do I need to become a member to rent books?

No membership required. Rental procedure is explained below.


How do I rent a book at SS Readers Corner? 

Step 1: Pay for the book at the selling price.

Step 2: Return the book before the due date  and you will get back 75% of the selling price of the book.


How long is the rental period?

Most books can be rented up to 90 days while some are limited to 30 days. Please check the rental details on the title page of the book.


What happens if I do not return the book by the due date?

The book will be yours to keep.


How do I find out if the store has the book that I want?

Please contact us by phone or email. You could also visit our store to check our massive collection of books.


Do you buy used books from customers?



Do accept book donations?

Yes. However if we do not need the books, they will be donated to other stores or libraries.