How do you arrange your collection of books?

This post is a response to The Guardian’s poll on home library. Most of the readers (37%) organised their home library according to genre. This is followed closely with ‘alphabetically by author’ (18%) and ‘totally random’ (14%). Check out photo contributions from the readers to The Guardian. My favourite is definitely ‘Literary Spectrum’ (the one featured in the article) because I have never seen a personal collection of books that are arranged by colour.

I organise my books according to genre. However nowadays my books tend to be randomly placed due to the lack of shelf space. I have a L-shaped built-in bookshelf. If you look at my ‘shelfies’ (below), the books that are lying horizontally are newer than those that are standing.

How do you arrange your collection of books? Cast your vote in the poll below.


Bookmark vs. Dog-ear: How do you record the last page read?

When I got the job as a website admin/blogger for SS Readers Corner, I enthusiastically shared the news with my book-loving friends. Our discussion, which started with my responsibilities, shifted to our reading habits. One friend asked, “Do you dog-ear the pages of your book?” and my response was a firm no.

I love books regardless whether they are mine or borrowed. I am a known bookworm amongst friends and family so I get plenty of bookmarks as gifts. I usually have a book in my handbag so I carry a bookmark with me all the time. I would never fold the corner of a book page.

There were times when I couldn’t find a bookmark and was desperate to record the last page read without damaging it. The easiest solution: grab any flat item within reach (usually in my wallet or purse). There are plenty of choices for a makeshift bookmark (refer to picture below) but the most popular ones are used train tickets and receipts.

The different types of bookmarks I use: a proper bookmark, a business card, an ang pow (a money envelope), a postcard and a train ticket.

The different types of bookmarks I use: a proper bookmark, a business card, an ang pow (a money envelope), a postcard, a train ticket and a tissue.

How about you? If you use a bookmark or any item(s) displayed in the picture, like this page. Do you use other creative methods to mark the last page read? Share your views in the comment box below. Alternatively you could answer by voting in the poll.